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Hi ….,

How about diet pepsi instead of a regular pepsi and in Moscow too?

…. knows what she is doing but I am soooo much better since I am the block and not the chip…….!

I am still slightly confused about everything but who actually has the ….. manuscript which we are supposed to go forward with?

I have no concrete ideas about more books for the series but in the spirit of diet pepsi (I have a basbalka from Pepsi FYI) I would encourage you to think of the widest possible scope for books from not only Russia but also within all your areas of interest. Naturally all this depends on your plans within your premature retirement. Ideas come to mind of a series on semiotics (I knew Tom ….. by the by) and psychology in general – not just Russia.

Here attached is our newest series contract for your files.

Best regards to your and yours and also for a good flight to and from Moscow. I expect to be back in February and maybe April-May.

Best regards,

November 8, 2008

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