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Author visit. How should I handle this?

Hello Lorna,

This date in October is interesting.

This is an AOA visit (Asia-Oceania-Africa Division) but it should present no difficulties. We have received dozens of such visits. They usually would want to talk to Donna, Louis (on MP’s), Ellen and tour the place to be sure that we are not working out of a water closet.

Most of these visits are listening sessions. The fact that he wants to visit usually means he has new ideas Рthen we listen  Рor he wants to check the water closet or both.

I think that it is no big deal. We are not working out of a water closet (then it would be difficult but not overwhelmingly so) and we publish a lot of books and we basically know what we are doing.

If need be, I can be reached via telephone but there is no reason to in all probability. Someone has to be sure that he arrives by car or is picked up at the train station.


September 23rd 2008

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